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Story at a glance:

· We all have to have difficult discussions like asking for a raise

· Dealing with a conflict situation at work

· How to approach conflict professionally

Asking for a Raise

We all have that time, sometime in our career where we will have to ask for a raise. Make sure that when you approach your boss, the timing is right.


Make sure all your work is good and up to date and you have just saved the company money, made the company money, or delivered a major project, it is sensible to ask from a backdrop of success. …

Thinking and words have a major effect on biology

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Telomeres are the end caps of chromosomes. They protect the chromosomes from mutations and fusions that shouldn’t happen.

The length of our telomeres affects our longevity, the longer our telomeres, the better our chances of living longer.

Telomerase is an enzyme that assists with protecting telomeres, so we probably just need a huge dose of that enzyme and we should be ok. I mean that is logical, but the body doesn’t work like that. Scientists have discovered that lengthening telomeres can also increase the chances of certain types of cancer. …

Presentations can be the worst of times or the best of times

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Most people hate presenting in front of others. The fear of potential public humiliation. The fear of the loss of credibility, and the fear of an unresponsive audience, as well as the fear of the ideas that you have not being impactful, are legitimate.

Overcoming fear

We multiply our fears when we have to present to people who are more knowledgeable than we are on a subject. I remember doing marketing and business plan presentations to directors of large multinational companies within the first month of joining.


Criminal activity funded by crypto currency is a risk

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A few days ago one of the greatest criminal investigations and arrest operations in Australia’s history took place.

Police arrested over 200 criminals in Australia, as well as 400 others in Germany, Serbia, and the USA.

They planned the operation so well it would make a great movie. Watch this space. Australian Federal police, with the FBI, launched an app that criminals used. High level drug lords or ‘king makers’ used the app called “ANoM.”

I quote “Texts released after Australia’s biggest underworld bust show crime bosses were so convinced their…

Why is ‘why’ the wrong question to ask?

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The fastest way to create a conflict situation is to ask why? Think about it, whenever someone does something wrong like a criminal, or even when your child has done something wrong, the first question we want to ask is why?

To lessen the conflict, we need to replace the why question with a what question.

When do we need to ask why?

We need to know why? What does this mean? Simon Sinek’s best-selling business book expounds and explains that companies who understand their ‘why’ have a much clearer focus on…

Is wealth all there is to life ?

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I grew up in apartheid South Africa. The government propaganda had us all fooled. The country was closed off from the rest of the world and the government censored everything. Some people who spoke out about the injustices would ‘have an accident’ or meet an untimely death.

We would hear from people overseas that there were certain atrocities taking place, but none of us in the country knew any better. The government controlled every bit of communication. It was a capitalist society with communist regime media control.

Given the years of indoctrination…

Weak daily sales routines and strong daily sales routines contrasted

Two different styles with different outcomes

My first job after university graduation was in a large multinational food company. Before entering the marketing department, we had to spend a year in sales.

Sales meant calling on large grocery retailers that stocked our products, a rather hostile environment. Quite confrontational and emotionally demanding.

As part of my induction into marketing, I had to spend a year in sales. Part of my sales training was to accompany sales associates on their daily calls for two weeks. I had two weeks with one, I will call him ‘Mike’. …

Enlightened but disillusioned

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I was working at the largest national pharmaceutical company. The corporate entity had bought out a much smaller company that had strong growth prospects and good market share in some niche markets.

Part of the agreement of the corporate buy out was that the son of the owner of the smaller company that was bought out would work full time in the corporation. He would receive an agreed package and share options in the new corporation. He would also receive a twice inflation rate increase on his already lucrative base package, amongst other perks was the rumour.

Take ‘Quantum’ control of yourself

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The most limiting factor for any of us is fear, fear of failure, of not being able to afford to live. Fear of health consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The fear narrative is inherent in all of us because it primes us for survival. It is good to be aware of imminent danger, to recognise it when it threatens us.

If we listen to our fear narrative, then we live a life of lack and caution, but this is the antithesis of success.

I am not sure if you remember the silly video clip by…

Do this and open up more opportunities

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Two fundamental things can change the course of your life

There is something magical in the simple, something powerful that lives within all of us.

Many of us don’t tap into the powers within us, but we can only release this power when we release it in others. This is the key, and I wish I knew this many years ago.

There are two fundamental things that can change the trajectory of your life in a positive sense if we ignore the negatives that also are part of life.

The one is the…


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