Bill had these personas weaved intricately within

“So what do you do here?” I asked an old man in a black gi.

“Oh, these are origami classes, you know when you fold paper? Except we fold people.”

This old gentleman and his response instantly intrigued me.

I had come to the gym to do my usual weight training and treadmill routine. I noticed a room where they probably did aerobics classes, and through the window, some young men. Initially, I thought it was Karate classes, so I wasn’t interested. …

Aligning the inner self with your job that pays the bills, is it possible?

Aligning your inner self with your career permeates many self help guru guides to ‘living your best life now,’ or ‘reaching your full potential’.

I don’t buy what they are selling in terms of alignment of the inner self with the work that you do. I do believe that each of us is unique and that we each bring something different and amazing to the world if we do happen to extend ourselves and achieve success.

I also believe that there is something called blind luck…

Enlightened but disillusioned

I was working at the largest national pharmaceutical company. The corporate entity had bought out a much smaller company that had strong growth prospects and good market share in some niche markets.

Part of the agreement of the corporate buy out was that the son of the owner of the smaller company that was bought out would work full time in the corporation. He would receive an agreed package and share options in the new corporation. He would also receive a twice inflation rate increase on his already lucrative base package, amongst other perks was the rumour.

Grace and poise are qualities we should all cultivate

I experienced humiliation once, and vowed never to be caught off guard again. Naivety and innocence are not assets when it comes to the business world. You need to perfect your own version of what I call ‘boardroom dancing’.

Having seen a number of people crash and burn in my corporate career, and also their public humiliation I vowed never to succumb.

Office politics is filled with various personalities, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Being human we all do too.

Part of being a good ‘politician’ within a…

Story at a glance:

· We all have to have difficult discussions like asking for a raise

· Dealing with a conflict situation at work

· How to approach conflict professionally

Asking for a Raise

We all have that time, sometime in our career where we will have to ask for a raise. Make sure that when you approach your boss, the timing is right.


Make sure all your work is good and up to date and you have just saved the company money, made the company money, or delivered a major project, it is sensible to ask from a backdrop of success. …

The average person to have the same rights as billionaires

They set the world up in such a way that the mega-rich can hold power over the average person merely because of the wealth they have. If we truly want a more fair and level playing field where we all respect each other for being human, then surely the system of things as they are needs to change.

How many times throughout history is the less wealthy person prosecuted and brought to justice or threatened with court action so as not to stand up for themselves because of the costs…

Do three everyday drinks enhance our immunity?

Everyday office life or even home lockdown ‘office life’ for many millions of us around the world have two drinks in common, actually I would wager that we have three drinks in common. Water, tea and coffee.

A typical cross section of the office would be something like this.

Jason in the corner office is a health nut, and ‘gym germ’ and drinks only water. Sue in accounts is under deadline pressure and she is a bit of a ‘coffeeholic.’

Tracy in personnel is calm and contemplative and prefers to drink tea during…

Train your mind for success

Why is it that some people have absolutely amazing memories and quick response times? Some people catch onto concepts quickly and remember the details. Some people can look down a balance sheet or income statement or profit-and-loss statement and immediately spot an error.

I had a boss like this. He was the head of a region at a large multinational corporation I used to work for. He would look at a spreadsheet on a screen and within seconds, while scanning it, he would spot a formula error. Or a ratio that was wrong.

I asked…

There are conflicting stories out there

The age old comparison and question “to tea or not to tea?” Or should it be the case as a fridge magnet that we have at home states ‘No coffee no workee.’

Both beverages are extremely popular worldwide and personally one signals a break from the stress and pace of the world and a relaxing few moments of contemplation while the other signals, oh crap, I’m on a deadline and I need to get this analysis and presentation done!

Coffee for me, being the latter and I didn’t say the ‘latte’ for you punsters…

Are these intangibles a key to success or opportunity?

Have you ever been somewhere, perhaps a function or black-tie affair, or just to a business seminar and noticed that some people just hold an audience?

Grace and poise the amazing combination of skilled intangibility that commands respect. They are something like an ‘x-factor’ that is difficult to apprehend, but exists.

Those who have these characteristics seem authoritative just by their mere presence, exuding confidence and authority as they walk and talk and interact with others. They move and have mannerisms that reflect grace and poise, respect and leadership. It is…

Dean Gee

Creative thinker, truth seeker, inquisitive questioner, idea generator. Contributor to Retail World, Data Driven Investor, Illumination.

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