Bill had these personas weaved intricately within

“So what do you do here?” I asked an old man in a black gi.

“Oh, these are origami classes, you know when you fold paper? Except we fold people.”

This old gentleman and his response instantly intrigued me.

I had come to…

Aligning the inner self with your job that pays the bills, is it possible?

Aligning your inner self with your career permeates many self help guru guides to ‘living your best life now,’ or ‘reaching your full potential’.

I don’t buy what they are selling in terms of alignment of…

Enlightened but disillusioned

I was working at the largest national pharmaceutical company. The corporate entity had bought out a much smaller company that had strong growth prospects and good market share in some niche markets.

Part of the agreement of the corporate buy out was that the son of the…

Grace and poise are qualities we should all cultivate

I experienced humiliation once, and vowed never to be caught off guard again. Naivety and innocence are not assets when it comes to the business world. You need to perfect your own version of what I call ‘boardroom dancing’.

Having seen…

Story at a glance:

· We all have to have difficult discussions like asking for a raise

· Dealing with a conflict situation at work

· How to approach conflict professionally

Asking for a Raise

We all have that time, sometime in our career where we will have to ask for a raise. …

This wealthy guy was cold and calculated

The grocery industry has some hard-nosed business executives and tough negotiators, cold and hardened by years of running rough-shod over suppliers and manufacturers.

This retailer would send their buyers out to restaurants and train them to toughen up by continually sending food back…

There is a principle that should drive every decision

There is one principle that drives your decision making or rather it should if you want to not end up in precarious situations.

Before deciding we all naturally and innately decide upfront whether it is a high involvement decision or a…

What is their secret?

I am often surprised by some average articles that do well in cyberspace. I have performed analyses on many of them. What are they doing that I am not?

What is their writing style? What topics do they cover? How have they structured their articles or blogs?

I must admit…

Pride’s link to foolishness

Have you ever been so sure of something only to find out you were wrong and what you thought was correct was misinformation? How have you reacted? Have you clung to your previous ignorant position or admitted that you were wrong?

It is very hard to…

Can we have challenging discussions without emotion ?

Have you ever had to deal with a steamroller? I don’t mean a literal steamroller; I mean a figurative one. A person who steamrolls all in his or her path. A person who has strong opinions on things and believes their opinion…

Dean Gee

Creative thinker, truth seeker, inquisitive questioner, idea generator. Contributor to Retail World, Data Driven Investor, Illumination.

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