Don’t Read This!

Dean Gee
4 min readApr 15, 2021

You shouldn’t know this!

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There is something about forbidden fruit, or secret knowledge that piques the interest of the human psyche.

Anything that is secret, or special knowledge, or forbidden seems to be what we want to know. We are curious beings, are we not?

The quickest way to get someone interested in something is to forbid it.

That is my theory. This morning on the radio, the breakfast radio host asked people not to watch a video they had placed on their website.

“It’s not something you want to see.” he said.

I noted the results of the views on this video, and they were huge.

Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology is a technique that is used to manipulate the actions of others by making them perform the desired actions you want. We do this by forbidding the behaviour you want from others. You ask the person to think and act in the opposite way from the outcome that you desire.

I have an example of how my daughter used this on me when she was about six years old, and I was rather perturbed that she had figured this out.

It could have been that it just worked out this way when we discussed the issue, but if she planned it, then I feel we have a budding politician or lawyer on our hands, and as a parent I better watch her closely.

This is how the conversation went.

Daughter: “Hi Dad, you said we weren’t going swimming today.”

Me: “I didn’t say we weren’t going swimming”

Daughter: “So can we go swimming then?”

Me: “No”

Daughter: “You see exactly.”

I did not know what had hit me, and I said to my wife that if she had planned that, then I am worried, at that age, to be so manipulative, was worrying.

But is this not human nature? Whatever is not allowed is most intriguing, like “secret knowledge” or something that you shouldn’t know.

This article is an experiment to test the theory, and I will post results of this strategy at a later date. Once I have given the article time to circulate a little, I’ll give it two weeks.

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