Where Did Russia Come From?

Dean Gee
4 min readJun 2, 2022

How did Russia evolve?

Photo by Nikita Karimov on Unsplash

The Russia we know today has a rather interesting history, and the people groups that populate Russia today have diverse backgrounds and origins.

Like any country, there is a complex back story forged in steel and blood.

Russia’s history is jam-packed with seafaring warriors and nomadic land tribes that were invaders. Vikings also played their part in Russian History just like they did in British history.

A medieval state known as ‘Kievan Rus’ rose and fell and is intricately woven into the history of modern day Russia.

Let’s start in the first millennium, what we have is large nomadic tribes, many groups of tribes that spread through the forests of Eastern Europe.

The tribes shared a common Slavic language, but had no writing system. Archaeological and Middle Eastern historical records and information gleaned from a monk named ‘Nestor,’ tell us that by the 7th century, these Slavic tribes split into Western, Southern and Eastern branches.

These tribes were polytheistic in their religious beliefs.

After years of being subject to raids from Vikings from the north, the regions' tribes revolted and fought back and drove back the Vikings.

You would think that peace would reign amongst these Slavic people, but as is true with the condition of humanity, it was not long before the tribes turned on each other.

What the tribes agreed to do next was most peculiar. The tribes had to settle their disputes, and they sought governance from, believe it or not, the Vikings that they had banished. They invited the Vikings to come back and establish order, as a more ‘objective third party.’

The Vikings accepted the position and sent a prince named Rurik, and he, along with his two brothers, ruled over the Slavic tribes.

Rurik’s son Oleg, expanded his territory to the south, and moved the capital from the north to the south. The capital was now Kiev (Hasn’t Kiev been in the news! Even back then, it was an important city.)

The name ‘Kievan Rus’ was born, ‘Rus was a Viking term for ‘the men who row.’ As in ‘row a boat’ not the other pronunciation, which means having a…



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